Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Marching On: Taking a Look Back on the March for Our Lives


May 8, 2018 Beyond Agnes News

Staying Safe During Georgia’s Tornado Season

ZOE HOWARD STAFF WRITER When Decatur was under a tornado watch last month, the campus-wide email lacked the relevant information necessary for students in the event of a tornado warning, and simply stated that severe weather that could be possible [...]

May 8, 2018 Beyond Agnes News

Looking Back At One of the Worst Flu Seasons in Atlanta

BY ZOE HOWARD AND CYDNEY OWENS STAFF WRITERS During the beginning weeks of 2018, hospitalizations due to influenza continue to rise. Despite receiving the flu vaccine, huge numbers of people across the country fell ill from the H3N2 strain of [...]

March 27, 2018 Beyond Agnes News

Looking Back: Atlanta’s Black History Month Parade Fills the Streets with Excitement


March 27, 2018 Beyond Agnes News

#MeToo Sheds Light on Sexual Assault, From Hollywood to Forgotten Industries

BY EVE BARRETT STAFF WRITER Sexual harassment is an epidemic that has plagued the U.S. and other countries for decades, but recent events and movements  such as “Time’s Up” and #MeToo could be the triggering point for reform across all [...]

March 19, 2018 Beyond Agnes News

Speakers and Events at 2018’s Women March Inspire Attendees

Julia Henning Photographer A year after the worldwide Women’s March, speakers, protesters, and activists unite in an effort to remind people of and reignite the flame lit by the initial march.  [...]

February 9, 2018 Beyond Agnes News

Scotties React to Trump’s “Shithole Countries” Comment

BY ZOE HOWARD On Jan. 12, The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump said he resisted immigration from “shithole countries,” referring to El Salvador, Haiti, and various African nations. Trump made these remarks during a Jan. 11 bipartisan meeting [...]

February 9, 2018 Beyond Agnes News

DREAMer Agnes Seniors Deal with DACA’s Repeal

Eve Barrett Staff Writer The ending of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) affects DREAMers – those who were protected by DACA –  in every state, every city, and even at Agnes Scott College. Agnes Scott College itself is a safe [...]

November 29, 2017 Beyond Agnes News

30 Seconds of Static: Agnes Students Bear the Loss of Communication to Loved Ones in the Caribbean

Angelica Martini Staff Writer Sweeping through the Caribbean this past September, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria did more damage than structural. Families with relatives off of the islands have suffered from loss of communication with loved ones, making the survival [...]

November 17, 2017 Beyond Agnes News

The Women’s March on Washington Inspires Continued Feminist Activism

Hannah Matthews Staff Writer Millions of protesters across the nation and the world marched against the ideals and ethics of the newly inaugurated Trump administration on Jan. 21. The cause continues to elicit civil disobedience from veteran and amateur protesters, [...]

March 26, 2017 Beyond Agnes News