Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Stress Wreaks Havoc at Agnes Scott



It’s nearing the end of the school year and that can mean several things: summer is just that much closer, people are scrambling to find summer jobs or getting ready for their internships, and seniors are about to move on to their next stage in their lives. But perhaps the what sticks out most when one reaches the end of school is finals. This aspect of college that might cause the most stress for any student especially if said final exam or project is worth a heavy portion of their overall class grade. However, it seems that students are stressed out at Agnes even before September ends.

When asked to describe stress at Agnes one might say its it’s so bad. Others might then tell that person that they’ve never been to college before. True when actual students from Agnes Scott College were asked to describe stress at Agnes they all agreed that it was high levels.

Destiny Cladwill ‘20, stated rather descriptly that stress at Agnes is like, “Running through fire and then getting run over by by a truck”.

This extreme view might stem from it being finals season but perhaps it is just due to the campus culture and climate at Agnes.

Some students say that stress at Agnes stems from competition. Zoe Katz ‘19 said that students compete over “who has it worse” as in who has the heavier workload, who has the most to do. People put themselves in this position because they believe “they aren’t doing enough” when compared to their peers she stated.

Even first years feel the pressure, though their workload might be different from the upperclassmen. One can overhear first years complaining about the multiple projects teachers pile up in the final weeks of school for classes like GBL 102.

From observations, it seems that every student at Agnes, no matter what year, is in ‘performance mode’, which is the state of performing or doing your best in an activity for either intrinsic or extrinsic motivations. Essentially Agnes students are in a constant performance mode and high levels of this can lead to perfectionism. This constant need to always get a good grade, have a high GPA, always participate in club activities, give the best oral presentation at SpARC, etc. can lead to burnout. Burnout means exhaustion and exhaustion and stress go hand and hand.

Adena Adams ‘21 stated that even though there are “differing levels” people still get stressed, stress is just a everyday factor of life and sometimes these high levels of stress just comes with the territory of being a college student.

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