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How Agnes Scott Social Life Has Evolved



Agnes Scott’s social life is ever-changing. With so many organizations on campus, there’s bound to be an endless array of events. From the explosion of events hosted by the Center for Student Involvement, such as the newly revitalized Week of Welcome, to student organization-led events like the Blackfriar’s Halloween Spooktacular and Ignite’s recurring poetry readings and workshops, one might even say there are too many events to choose from.


No matter what one’s opinion is about the social life on campus, the majority consensus is that it has changed, for better or for worse. Upperclassmen have given their perspectives on just how much change has happened.


When comparing these events to those that happened in their first year, some upperclassmen thought there was a stark difference in what has been offered.


“We did TGIF’s on Friday, but even those weren’t anything,” said Onix Silvia ‘18 and Vice President of ASC’s Programming Board “Even Red Light Green Light, which was the biggest event, had a few people. We didn’t have really small events, or random things to do. It was very minimal.”


Some thought that there hasn’t been such a drastic change. Alice Edwards ‘19 and SGA Vice President says that she hasn’t seen a major difference in events from her first year to her junior year.


Karina Leung ‘18 and the SGA President explains that the main events, such as Black Cat, were there her first year, but that the smaller events were harder to remember because they didn’t really stand out.


A consensus that seemed to come up for the majority of the upperclassmen interviewed was that Agnes Scott’s social life was underwhelming their first year. When asked if they were dissatisfied with their first year, a senior who chose to remain anonymous quickly agreed.


“One hundred percent. I complained about it a lot–I was really surprised because I really expected college to be about having events that really connected different people and groups together, but coming to Agnes I was really struck by how much things were not like that.”


Leung also agreed that her first year she was underwhelmed, but didn’t equate that to being the  college’s fault.


“Yeah, but I feel that isn’t really a product of Agnes, more of people wanting to go out and wanting to do stuff outside campus,” said Leung. She stated that many Agnes events were “family friendly” in nature, so if a student wanted to go clubbing or do events that involved drinking they would have to look outside of Agnes.


Despite the split in thinking if they still believed Agnes Scott’s social life remained the same for the past three years, the interviewees all believed that there is always something to do on campus, thanks to the many organizations. In fact, they believed that one of problems with Agnes Scott’s social life currently is that there may be too many events.


The large number of events often cause overlapping, in which multiple events happen on the same day and at the same time. Agnes being a small campus only adds to that overlap.


Leung provides a possible way to remedy this, “The actual department and the students should work together to make sure they don’t double book.”


An anonymous senior also shares their grievances with the way Agnes’s social life needs to improve, as well as a solution to the double booking problem.


“This past Tuesday there were five events going on in the same day.” She then says ways it could improve. “If there was more organization, and with that organization support from the school, either through the Irvine or social media. There should be a concesive social media page, and less overlapping of events and more information of what’s going on.”


As the anonymous senior was getting at, if the college and big event agents such as CSI created and shared the official event calendar, either through the Irvine or another type of social media, then student organizations will be able to plan around these dates so there would be no overlapping of events and, as a result, higher attendance at events.


Silvia states that Agnes social life still need a lot of improvement and shared the ways she would like its social life to improve from a Programming Board perspective. She says that she would like to attract more people from off campus to events, while also having a more communal “Scottie” spirit at Agnes.

Even though these are all grievances over how Agnes’s social life needs to improve, it should be recognized that it has improved in various ways compared to what social life looked like these upperclassmen’s first years.  


The upperclassmen all agreed that though it still needs improvement, advertising and organization have gotten better.


“There is more of a sense of what’s going on, in terms of planning,” said Edwards. “There’s still overlap, but people now know what’s going on in the schedule.”


Silvia also gives another improvement that has happened is that there is more interaction between staff and students. This gives students more freedom to create the events and organizations they want to see on campus compared to her first year it was a much more constricting relationship.


Perhaps the best part and maybe the the aspect that needs to be improved the most about Agnes Scott’s social life is the overwhelming number of events on campus.


When asked if they could say 100 percent without a doubt if there is a way for everyone to find fun on this campus, they all responded positively.


Leung explains that there will never be one singular event that caters to every single body on campus, but because Agnes has an abundance of diverse events, people will eventually find the one they like, “So if you miss an event, there is always something more to do.”  


Edwards shares a similar sentiment: “It might be a little harder for some people in that they may look at other places than mainstream groups like ProBo,” but she states, “It might take a little searching, but I think everybody could find something.”


These upperclassmen do have seemed to have found their “something.” Their favorite events include the comedy shows, the TedX event that the Student Senate threw in 2016, the RPG’s annual nerd prom, AgnesPalooza and Diwali with Masala S.A.C.E.


Agnes students enjoy Chinese food at the Lunar New Year Party at the Hub. Photo by Sharon Gurung ’21.

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