Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Scotties React to Trump’s “Shithole Countries” Comment


On Jan. 12, The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump said he resisted immigration from “shithole countries,” referring to El Salvador, Haiti, and various African nations. Trump made these remarks during a Jan. 11 bipartisan meeting in the Oval Office that was focused on immigration and the DACA.

On Agnes Scott’s campus, many Scotties are upset and worried about the implications of Trump’s language. When asked, one Scottie who had not heard of Trump’s comment said that it is not surprising considering his past rhetoric and attitudes toward other countries but is still unacceptable.

“It’s unfair to label an entire country something like a ‘shithole’ just because you don’t like people from there coming into your country.” Many students expressed similar sentiments. “What example is this setting for the rest of the world?”

“It may not hurt us among the white western nations,” said a member of the class of 2018, “but any country on the continent of Africa, the Caribbean, and any countries in South America—that will have a negative impact on their relationship with us.” Indeed, the majority of the international responses were from Africa and the Caribbean.

Since Trump loses credibility both at home and abroad every time he makes a disparaging remark, these countries may be reluctant to work with the United States in the future. They may also distance themselves from the United States and seek to strengthen their foreign relations elsewhere.

Other students are worried that this is just another mark off the United States’ global standing and that the world will continue to lose respect for our country if Trump continues his verbal attacks on other countries.

Another student quipped, “If Trump really wants to see a shithole, he should just look in the mirror.”

Agnes Scott College has not yet responded to Trump’s remark. Agnes Scott has many international students from Africa and the Caribbean, and, as we have yet to see the full consequences of Trump’s comment, showing support for students from those countries or have family and friends in those countries would be welcomed.

President Donald Trump speaking at the State of the Union. Photo courtesy of White House photographer Shealah Craighead.

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