Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Black Cat Frazzles First Year

Isabella Barbuto

Staff Writer 

Welcome to a week of emotional unrest and utter confusion is the email the administrators of Agnes Scott should have sent out at the beginning of Black Cat week.

Black Cat week started with the rushing of the quad, or quads, early Monday morning at 12 a.m. This traditional activity was never explained, much like all of the traditions here at Agnes Scott, so I think by now the first years didn’t even expect an explanation. It’s shocking to me that out of the hundreds of emails a student receives each week here, there wasn’t one just giving an overview of the traditions and how they began at Agnes.

Little did I know that when I left my dorm room at 12 a.m., the beginning of the most confusing week of my life had just begun. As soon as I stepped outside, there were people moving painted garbage in and out of the basement of Winship, and as soon as I got to a point where I could see the quad, I was in awe of the amount of garbage they had already put out.

It was only 12:04 a.m.

After admiring the interest these students were taking in throwing trash onto the beautifully-grown grass, I didn’t believe anything could possibly be more intriguing, but the inside of Alston proved me wrong. It was as if all the Hogwarts houses decided to celebrate winning the house cup at once. Balloons and streamers were everywhere, well-painted posters were hung and I joined in eventually too, except there were rules to where the decorations could go on each floor. People were outside putting toilets on the lawn, so naturally it makes sense that putting the wrong tape on the wall is obviously something that needs to be monitored.

The parties during this week were yet another tradition that lacked explanation but were an interesting idea that pleasantly decorated the dining hall for a week. Of course, the only thing I came in there for was the meal, but there was good music playing. Yes, sometimes the music was hard rap and it didn’t seem to fit the dinner atmosphere, but I guess neither does Beyonce’s Halo, and let me tell you, I loved every moment of that.

During the evening of Thursday, Oct. 5, a bonfire was scheduled, but the same evening was the Muslim Poetry reading. I found this to be a major scheduling issue on someone’s part because I’m not sure a bonfire of naked women dancing around a garbage can (yes, trash is a continued theme) is comparable to the incredible readings I heard at Frannie Auditorium. I understand the appeal. Why not go watch seniors who have slowly but surely undressed themselves over the years sing what sounds like cult songs with the rest of our peers around a bonfire? Sounds like some good innocent fun.

Now, the last memorable event of Black Cat was the night of Junior Production. The singing of class songs in the beginning was admirable and the dancing was impressive, but the praise I would like to bestow on the class of 2019 for validating my concerns about this school is important. The overall theme of not being able to know what to expect from the students at Agnes Scott has been something that all first years have to adapt to.

For me, I think it’s harder than most, but after Junior Production I realized a lot of my questions, like why is nothing explained, is not an uncommon question. Apparently nothing is explained. That’s okay though. There are going to be problems and people who are incredibly different than you everywhere you go in life, and because we attend Agnes, I think we’ll always be one step ahead in the adaptability area.

The Class of 2018 placed a toilet on the quad to bolster their and their sibling class Harry Potter theme. Photo by Ellie Davis.

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