Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Editorial: So long, Agnes. Love, Christen

Christen Thompson
Managing Editor

A little over a year ago Becky Rowe ’11 and I were making plans for the upcoming year. I was making my case to remain a managing editor (a tough one at that; Becky put up with a lot of goofs on my part), and I told her I wanted to create a website for The Profile. It was really my schtick, and I felt the spirit of naive convictions to convince her I should. Whether this was a method of self preservation or true trail blazing I am not sure. Probably equal parts. It is really strange that what started off as a proposal in our budget for the upcoming year turned into the website you are reading this.

There were a lot of bumps in the road. I came to orientation with my digital staff bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (ok, maybe just I was). I had ideas. I had a lot of ideas. I had so many ideas I didn’t know where to start. We brainstormed, we tried things out. We figured out what worked, we figured out how we worked as a team. We goofed up a lot. We had fun together. But we did it.

And that’s a really important point I want to make we did it. Not me. My by-line is up here a whole lot, so much in fact I’m sure you’re sick of reading it by this point. But that is just because I often feel like a Mama-bear to this website. I get defensive when people negatively comment on my writers’ posts, I shrug when people call it a blog. But just like one person does not make a family, one person did not create this website. The entire digital team, along with the editorial staff, staff writers, photographers and most importantly, you, our readers, created the website.

As you all know, today is the last day of classes. I’m graduating, and yes I’m excited and yes I’m scared. But most importantly, I’m really weird out. I’ve gotten weepy from time to time, but, honestly, it just feels weird. I somehow never visualized this. If you know me, this might come as a surprise to you, as I tend to really only look to the future and the next project. But I never truly saw the next project after Agnes. What has really struck me in the last few weeks is a sentiment echoed by President Kiss, Kelly Williams, Dean Lee, and Joy Griggs at the Senior Gift Campaign Kick-off Party: legacy. What is my legacy?

It’s kind of a morbid thought, isn’t it? When I think of a  legacy I think of people who have been dead for at least twenty years and who are canonically referred to by their last names at fancy cocktail parties or conferences. I don’t think of myself. And yet, apparently I leave a legacy at Agnes Scott. This website seems to be the most obvious choice, but…I don’t even know. I don’t know how to begin to describe the feeling of leaving these things behind that involve so many people besides myself, that involve so much more besides just me.

I’m sorry for all the navel-gazing, but I think it’s kind of obligatory at this point. I am truly proud of the strides this website has made. I’m proud of myself, I’m proud of Kelsey Clodfelter and Catherine Varner; of Devin Alford, Katie Criscuolo, Amelia Kovacavich and Anna Cabe; of Mariah Cawthorne, Sydney Tonsfeldt, Lydia Dickerson and Kelsey Gay. I think that is the most stand-out sentiment. Utter pride and awe of the people around me and the feeling of “Oh, what? I did that?”

I hope the legacy I have left is one of that. To be proud of yourself and the people around you, and to try and make something happen even if it seems out of reach, even if it is out of reach. Agnes Scott is entering a new era, and how well it goes is entirely dependent upon the students and how you all choose your environment to be. Demand change, advocate for the things you cherish, and keep reaching. The website is a very small step into the big world that we all deserve.

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