Thursday, February 22, 2018
The Profile

Pick Up Line Contest!

The Profile and the Office of Sustainability are teaming up this Valentine’s Day for the Sustainability Pick Up Line Contest! Why? Because everyone needs a little green in this sea of pink and red.

Examples (from ERs and the internet):

  • “Do you wear your reusable tote bag on this arm (slide hand across shoulder) or this arm?”
  • “You’re so hot you could burn a hole in my ozone layer”
  • “Do you have greenhouse gas? Cause you just blew me away”
  • “Would you like to come back to my place and see my rain barrel?”
  • “Does the EPA know about you? Because you’re my favorite source of renewable energy.”
  • “I hope you like compost because I could get down and dirty with that.”

The winner will receive a Sustainability prize pack with aluminum water bottles, sunglasses and more goodies! Submit your pick up lines to by Monday, Feb. 13. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Good luck, and may suavest win!

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