Thursday, February 22, 2018
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November Crossword and key

by Christen Thompson
Managing Editor, Online

4. epithet for an Italian-American
8. Sounds like a paper-towel, but connected to the Third Reich
9. Amount Susan B. Anthony paid in fines after voting illegaly in 1873.
12. Natives in the original Turkey-Day
15. Three of these as US figure heads, one of them had reforms made from alphabet soup.
20. US gave power back to this eastern country in a head to head offensive with its neighbor
21.This person has been a ballerina, a rebel and a freindly benefit.
22. American hip-hop artist with one on the way; is he ready for that jelly?
24. American newscaster that came into everyone’s living room in the 1950’s.
1. Colonial state with a pure name.
2. Steve Job’s last words.
3. Weezy
4. Remember, remember
5. This official was elected to office, making him the first in US history in this way on Nov. 4
6. Like trick-or-treating, but going door to door for food in exchange for prayers
7. Monkey Scientist
10. Float on away from war
11. Mike and, Tina and
13. French Saint and Amber Tamblyn TV character
14. Atlanta company and slave leader
16. sides to a polygon and number of a bill affecting LGBT marriage in a western state.
17. Prime number, year of the oil-less sunday
18. Baby you’re this
19. Real Halloween
23. What Matthew McConaughy was playing when photographer cuaght him naked outside his home in Austin, TX
4. Guido
8. Braun
9. onehundred
12. Wampanoag
15. Roosevelt
20. vietnamization
21. portman
22. Pdiddy
25. ThackeryBinx
1. Virginia
2. OhWow
3. Carter
4. gunpowder plot
5. Obama
6. hallowmas
7. goodall
10. FranzFerdinand
11. Ike
13. Joan
14. Turner
16. eight
17. seventy-three
18. firework
19. samhain
23. bongos

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