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New year, new people

ascprofile September 6, 2011 Campus News No Comments on New year, new people
by Anna Cabe
Online Content Editor
A quick look at some of the new faces of Agnes Scott College Administration. 

Anna Hobby

Hometown: “I was a military brat, so all over.”
Previous Position: Assistant Director of Housing at the University of Tennessee
Current Position: Director of Residence Life
Fun Fact:  “I spent high school in South Korea.”

Hiram Ramirez

Hometown: “I’m a military brat, so I’ve been all over. . .Tampa, Florida. I’ll claim that city.”
Previous Position:  Multicultural Advisor at the University of South Florida
Current Position:  Assistant Director of Campus Life and Intercultural Engagement
Fun Fact: “I like to dance salsa. . .I like to dance everything and have new experiences.”

Marcia Peters

Hometown:  McClain, VA
Previous Position:  Nurse practitioner at Grady Hospital
Current Position:  Director of Student Health
Fun Fact:  “I make my grandmother’s chocolate pound cake really well.”

Laura Martin

Hometown:  “I was raised in Port Huron, Michigan.”
Previous Position:  Associate Vice President for Enrollment at Hendrix College
Current Position:  Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of Financial Aid
Fun Fact:  “I’m a closet bluegrass fan, and I wish I could play the banjo.”

Juanita Gainous-Mottley

Hometown:  Belle Glade, Florida
Previous Position:  Assistant Administrative Director of the Wellness Center at Florida Gulf University
Current Position:  Wellness Center Administrator
Fun Fact:  “I enjoy helping others in any way possible.”

Kelly Deasy

Hometown:  Cortland, New York
Previous Position:  Director of Student Academic Success at Gainesville State College
Current Position:  Coordinatory of Student Disability Services
Fun Fact:  “I enjoy spending time with my daughter. . . I love films and reading.”

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