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Keeping you informed: Black Cat and Beyond

Mortar Board makes changes to Black Cat

by Stacey-Ann Love
Staff Writer 

Students play field hockey at 2010's field-day.

With Black Cat in full swing, the Profile would like to take this opportunity to ensure that all those involved are fully informed for this year’s festivities. There have been a number of small, yet crucial changes to the format of a few of the week’s key events, such as the Community Service drive, and Field Day.

So let us begin. Firstly, changes to Field Day. There will be an ensemble of field games vs. the field hockey round robin. There is also now a glorious, three tiered trophy for the class winner, which is on display in Alston.

In a recent interview with Mortar Board President, Tesia Ogletree ’12, in response to those with strong allegiances to field hockey as the main field day event,

“Field games have always been a part of the Black Cat tradition, but in the past few years, they have not been included.”

This was said in direct response to students that have openly disputed the shift from field hockey as the main event on Field Day, based on the assumption of field hockey as an immovable tradition.

The field games that have been scheduled for Thursday afternoon, have been included in the hopes of creating greater participation amongst the classes. By creating the opportunity for a number of different teams to participate from each class, these field game events will hopefully foster class spirit, and team involvement.

Secondly, changes to Community Service. This year, a clothing drive has been adopted instead of the annual canned goods drive, again to encourage greater participation in this aspect of Black Cat week. The collection station for this clothing drive is on the first floor of Alston student center.

With regard to the policy of changing mascots, Mortar Board has indicated that in the future mascots will need to be selected by elections in which at least 51% of the first year class has voted. Furthermore, by the Monday of Black Cat week of Sophomore year, a new mascot must be chosen if the first year class elects to change their mascot. In this case the class of 2014 will be The Red Foxes.

Lastly, the only change to Junior Production is that prior to the start of the evening’s program, classes will only have 30 minutes to prepare instead of an hour.

As the week winds up, be mindful of: Have your teams together. Be ready to compete and participate. Good conduct is essential. Donate to the clothing drive, and when donating be careful to read the list of things that can be donated.

Mortar Board is A National Honorary Senior Society, and for all intents and purposes at Agnes Scott operates primarily as a delegated board of seniors during Black Cat week. With a community service focus Mortar Board hopes to become involved in reading programs in local schools, with continued efforts to host other events outside of Black Cat. As well, Mortar Board 2011-2012 recruits and selects Mortar Board 2012-2013.

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