Saturday, February 24, 2018
The Profile
  • Tibetan Film Director Pema Tseden Visits Agnes Scott

    CIEL ZHANG AND ELLIE DAVIS CAMPUS NEW EDITOR, STAFF WRITER Last week, Tibetan award-winning film director Pema Tseden visited Agnes Scott in honor of the Tibetan Film Festival under the coordination of Dr. Shu-chin Wu

  • Rebekah Hall Renovations Live up to Accessibility Standards

    NANNETTE MATTHEWS MANAGING EDITOR Most who have been on Agnes Scott’s campus this past year have seen the blue, tarped fences around Rebekah Hall and heard the occasional sounds of metal-on-metal. Students and faculty alike

  • Speakers and Events at 2018’s Women March Inspire Attendees

    Julia Henning Photographer A year after the worldwide Women’s March, speakers, protesters, and activists unite in an effort to remind people of and reignite the flame lit by the initial march. 

  • Scotties React to Trump’s “Shithole Countries” Comment

    BY ZOE HOWARD On Jan. 12, The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump said he resisted immigration from “shithole countries,” referring to El Salvador, Haiti, and various African nations. Trump made these remarks during

  • Campus Cats Thrive in the Night

    Ellie Davis Staff Writer Many Agnes Scott students mistakenly think Agnes lacks a “nightlife”. However, Agnes Scott does have nightlife–it’s free, it’s exciting, and it lives in a trash can near you. The stray cats